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Main Products

 XRG® Energy+ Solar Container

XRG® Energy+ Solar 10" Container AC Connect PV 40/55:

2 Rows, 68  panels x 410W, 30Min Unfolding Time
2 inverter 20kW PV Inverter and AC cabinet fully pre-wired

55 kWP solar PV Capacity

Internal Configuration
Rollout PV and Rack Mounted

 Connection Panel (ACP)

Operating temperature
−20 °C to +60 °C (−13 °F to +140 °F)

25 years on PV Panels and Container

Invert Power
2×20 kW PV Inverter (GCI)

Optional                                   Diesel Genset Controller and Solar Rollout Winch

XRG® Energy+ Storage  10" Container BESS 120/276

AC Connection:
– 2x Diesel Generator ( Max 200 kW )
– PV Solar ( Max 200 kW )
– Grid Connection
– Parallel connection to more containers

276 kWh ESS (251 kWh Usable)

input 80kW, Output 120kW

Operational Temperature
Climate Controlled, Fire Detection + Protection

Dimensions 10″ long x 8′ wide x 8′ 6” high

25 years on PV Panels and Container, Lithium 5000 Cycles, Graphene 30,000 Cycles, 10 years Mechanical

Invert power
 120 kW Bidirectional Battery Inverter (BDI)  

Frame type
10 Foot Container, Preconfigured

XRG® Energy+ Storage Container

Commitment to the Highest Quality


XRG® Energy+ Containers offer operators an efficient and affordable alternative for powering operations in off-grid areas, reducing both environmental impact and economic expenses typically associated with diesel usage.


A completely containerized solar solution, built for mobility and remote sites. XRG® Energy+ is certified for international transportation and can be installed on almost any terrain.

Turn Key

We provide a ready-to-use solar plant, with no construction needs. This fully pre-wired solar plant includes the mounting structure, the inverter and the electrical panel. XRG® Energy+ is ideal for quick deployment on-grid and off-grid.


XRG® Energy+ are containerized modular solutions, scalable to any capacity. Connect as many XRG® Energy+ modules as you need to create a truly mobile solar power plant, without any technical or power limitation.

Strength & Quality

The system is designed to withstand extreme environments, and has been tested under hurricane conditions. The solar panels are framed with galvanized steel reinforcement and can be folded back inside the container for full protection during harshest environment.

Saves Capital & Environment

Plug XRG® Energy+ directly into your existing network and reduce electricity bills by up to 60% immediately. Contact us to estimate the return of investment for your project.

Maximum Compatibility

XRG® Energy+  is designed to be compatible with any storage or EMS system. Adding XRG® Energy+ Storage you can significantly increase the share of renewable energy for many situations.